About Us

Lake Imaging is the leading diagnostic radiology provider in central and western Victoria, comprising 19 radiology clinics.

Our vision is to provide an expert and compassionate radiology service for our patients.

Our team of expert radiologists, highly qualified technical, nursing and support staff are committed to providing the highest level of diagnostic imaging and patient care.

Our History

Lake Imaging began as a single radiology practice in Ballarat on the 1st of January 2002. Today, Lake Imaging is the leading diagnostic radiology provider in central and western Victoria.

Lake Imaging is part of the Integral Diagnostic Group of which includes, Lake Imaging, Apex Radiology in Western Australia, South Coast Radiology and Imaging Queensland, together with New Zealand counterparts Ascot Radiology, SRG Radiology and Trinity MRI.

The combined clinical groups make this company the leading provider of radiology services across Australia and New Zealand, comprising 72 clinics. This integrated radiology network gives both referrers and patients access to an unparalleled range of expertise, experience, facilities and resources.

  • Expert Radiologists & medical imaging technologists

  • High level of patient care

  • State-of-the-art scanning technology

  • Optimal quality diagnostic imaging & reporting

  • Convenient access to private radiology services

Our Subsidiaries

Geelong Medical Imaging (GMI)

Established in January 2005, after identifying the need for a private medical imaging practice that focused on delivering the highest level of patient care, as well as fulfilling the needs of referring practitioners with the provision of detailed medical imaging reports. GMI provides an extensive range of medical imaging studies. Radiologists are on-site at all times and because of this, they are able to assess, monitor and influence the outcome of examinations performed. This greatly enhances the accuracy of reports and the referring practitioner can be contacted regarding the result before the patient leaves if necessary.

GMI was previously owned and operated by local Radiologists Dr Maurice Goodear and Dr Peter Carman, who live with their families in Geelong and continue to work at both GMI and Lake Imaging. GMI was acquired by Lake Imaging in 2018.

Geelong Breast Clinic (GBC)

Founded in 2009, GBC is Geelong’s own comprehensive Breast Imaging Centre of Excellence. Lead by Clinical Director Dr Linda West, the GBC team provide a caring and compassionate breast imaging and screening service to patients. As an accredited provider of screening and assessment for BreastScreen Victoria, GBC offers specialised diagnostic breast imaging and procedures using the most up-to-date technology, including a 3T MRI scanner located at the nearby St John of God Hospital.

Dr West and her team are committed to delivering a high-quality service to patients and referring medical practitioners.


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