COVID-19 Updates

In the current climate of the COVID-19 pandemic, Lake Imaging is continuing to provide optimal quality diagnostic imaging and patient care to our valued communities. As a healthcare provider, we are very much committed to quality care, compassion and service.

Our responsibility to service our patients in a safe environment is always our primary focus. We can assure all patients entering our waiting rooms, that we have taken extra care and all necessary precautions to protect against COVID-19 within clinics.


Lake Imaging is committed to ensuring our policies and procedures in line with the latest COVID-19 government and Department of Health regulations and guidelines.

Face masks are mandatory within our clinics, however please note that anyone medically exempt from wearing a mask, may be asked to wait in a separate waiting area for the safety of our staff and vulnerable patients with compromised health conditions. Our friendly staff will happily provide face masks to patients if required.

Questions & Answers

No, at this stage we are offering the same high-quality radiology services to all patients. Our staff and doctors are working to maintain a high level of service to our communities.

No, you do not need to cancel your appointment. We are committed to providing radiology services within our communities. Please call one of our clinics or make contact via our website. You can be assured that servicing our patients in a safe environment is always our primary focus. Our friendly staff will ask you a series of questions over the phone and upon entering our clinics to establish your individual situation concerning COVID-19.

A list of Lake Imaging locations can be found here.

We are taking extra precautions to minimise infection within our clinics and are ensuring our waiting areas are regularly disinfected. We have an ample supply of hand sanitiser for both staff and patient use. You can be assured that every hygiene measure is taken to ensure the safety of patients in our clinics. We ask that if possible, you attend for your appointment alone or with one carer/support person only. This assists us to minimise the number of people in our waiting rooms.

Please advise our staff and click here to be taken to the Australian Government healthdirect website symptom checker tool.

Please speak with your doctor if you are experiencing flu-like symptoms or if you believe you have been exposed to someone with COVID-19. Your doctor is best placed to assist you with the appropriate course of action at this time.

Patients considered high-risk include, anyone that has:

  • ​​Flu-like symptoms (as outlined in DHHS guidelines)
    • Loss or changes in sense of smell or taste
    • Fever
    • Chills or sweats
    • Cough
    • Sore throat
    • Shortness of breath
    • Runny nose
  • Been in close contact with a confirmed Covid-19 case
  • Travelled overseas or been in contact with someone who has returned from overseas
  • Recently visited a Covid-19 hot spot

Lake Imaging has a dedicated process for any of our patients who are either suspect of COVID-19 or are COVID-19 positive. Please call the booking phone number for the clinic location you wish to attend, and our Booking Team will assess your status and explain the process for making an appointment. This process takes a little longer than usual and may involve speaking with a Nurse to gather information about your medical status. To ensure we book you in for your test as quickly as possible and that we all play our part to minimise the risk of spread of Coronavirus, it is extremely important that the process is followed and you provide the most accurate and up-to-date information about your current medical condition

It is our preference that all patients contact us by phone to make an appointment prior to attending any of our clinics. This helps us to ensure you have your test at the local clinic most appropriate to your needs and to manage the number of people in our clinics at time. Our booking teams have access to real-time information regarding appointments times and will fit you in on the same day where possible. We have availability everyday for urgent patient appointments. Your Doctor knows this and may contact us directly if you require and urgent appointment.

If you would like more information on COVID-19, please call the Department of Health on 1300 651 160 or visit  

Coronaviruses are a large family of infectious viruses. COVID-19 is a new strain of Coronavirus. All Lake Imaging marketing communications referring to ‘Coronavirus’ are specifically relating to the COVID-19 strain.

Fever Clinics will be established by your local public health service. This will be a place where anyone who suspects they may have COVID-19 will be assessed and tested.

Click on this link to find our locations and telephone numbers.

To assist us to manage the number of people in our waiting areas, only the person having the examination can attend the appointment, unless advised otherwise by a member of our staff. You can attend with a carer/parent/guardian if it is not possible for you to attend alone.

To assist us to manage the number of people in our waiting areas, only the person having the examination can attend the appointment, unless advised otherwise by a Lake Imaging staff member. Lake Imaging has released a Patient App – Lake Images – which will enable you to see your images, in most cases 7 days after your appointment or 3 hours for pregnancy scans. The Lake Images App allows you to easily share your images with loved ones.