The Bernie Lauricella Award

    The Western Region held their annual Bernie Lauricella award night on Wednesday 2nd of May. This year’s very worthy recipient is Julie Livingston. Julie has had the one job in her working life- At Lake and all its iterations. In all, over 30 years of service.

Julie has worked as a darkroom technician, receptionist, medical typist and most recently as a spectacularly successful medical liaison officer. Congratulations Julie on a thoroughly deserved award and recognition for constantly going above and beyond what is reasonably required


            A True Innovator, Teacher and Mentor


Bernard “Bernie” Lauricella started his career in radiography as a trainee radiographer in 1968 at St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne. In the early 70’s he worked at the Children’s Hospital. He then spent the mid 70’s perusing studies in Science/Law whilst holding down various radiography jobs in Melbourne. He returned to St Vincent’s in 1979 where he was the deputy Chief and also acting Chief Radiographer for the next decade.


In 1989 Bernie started his own radiology practice- Sunbury Hospital Radiology. Bernie was a true innovator and forged a path for many other radiographers to be able to set up their own practices. Bernie was the first radiographer to employ a radiologist. This was not to the liking of the establishment. The Federal government were to introduce laws to disenfranchise all radiographers and sonographers from owing a radiology practice. With help, Bernie organised a Federal Senate Standing Committee to prevent this legislation going ahead.


Bernie worked at Sunbury until 2005 when he then sold the business and eventually returned in 2009. In 2011 the Sunbury practice was bought out by Lake Imaging.


Had it not been for pioneers like Bernie, practices like Lake Imaging would not have been possible. Lake was started as a true partnership between a group of radiographers and radiologists who wanted to provide a quality radiology service.


Bernie has been a true professional in our industry. Passionate about quality and safety and always willing to pass on his knowledge to the younger staff setting out on their new careers. Bernie epitomises the Lake Imaging Mission Statement.

                                    Lake Imaging Mission Statement

  • To provide optimal quality patient care in an ethical manner and compassionate environment.
  • To provide referring physicians and patients with an insight into their health.
  • To be the premier radiology service in regional Victoria.
  • To service both patients and our referring base in a highly professional and efficient way


The Bernie Lauricella Achievement Award will be awarded annually to a Western Region staff member nominated and chosen by the staff. The intention is to recognise the person whom the staff feel epitomises and lives the Mission of Lake Imaging, as did the person whom this award was named after.