Myocardial Perfusion (MIBI) Commencing At Melton Lake Imaging

Lake Imaging has patients requiring a Stress Myocardial Perfusion Scans (MIBI) covered across the Central and Western districts of Victoria - with a new service location added at Melton (Unitt Street), commencing in January 2017. This new service location further extends the MIBI offering through our Geelong, Ballarat, Warrnambool (under Western District Radiology) practices.   

What is a MIBI?

A Myocardial Perfusion or 'MIBI' scan is a safe, non-invasive test to detect the presence and functional significance of cardiac ischaemia.
This can involve an exercise or pharmaceutical stress test in order to see how sections of the heart respond to slight stress.
Imaging will also be conducted in order to observe any abnormalities throughout the examination.

An ECG may be used throughout this examination to measure resting heart statistics versus exercise or induced pharmaceutical stress and to monitor how the heart responds (in the particular points of interest of the heart, such as the ventricles).

In more technical terms, an exercise MIBI can be described in the following way:

A Stress Myocardial Perfusion Scan examines the blood supply (perfusion) to the heart muscle using a gamma camera.  The blood supply is made visible to the camera by the introduction of a small amount of radioactive tracer, (radiopharmaceutical or MIBI) injected into an arm vein.  The injection is given during stress exercise on a treadmill, then again while resting later on.

After each injection, a gamma camera placed over the chest takes images (maps) the pattern of tracer accumulated in the heart’s left ventricle, giving information useful in diagnosing and managing conditions such as coronary artery disease, infarcts and diseases of the heart musclecardiomyopathy.


Why might a Doctor or Specialist refer you for a MIBI?

There are a number of reasons why you may be referred for a MIBI, however just some of the clinical reasons a Doctor or Specialist may refer you include:

  • To confirm ischaemic chest pain
  • Risk stratification
  • Baseline and re-evaluation of myocardial perfusion post revascularisation (stent/CABGs/angioplasty)
  • Preoperative assessment of risk for perioperative cardiac events
  • Follow-up of known coronary artery disease
  • Evaluation of functional significance of stenosis identified on CT angiogram or invasive angiography
  • Exclusion of silent ischemia in diabetics.

What do the images taken during a MIBI look like?

One of our expert Molecular Imaging Specialists at Lake Imaging will provide a comprehensive report to your referring doctor or specialist based off all elements of the MIBI obtained during your examination.

Booking a MIBI:

Please head across to our online booking form in order to request an appointment. Please note that this examination falls under the Nuclear Medicine umbrella (please select this option when requesting an appointment). 
Please also ensure that your referral is uploaded (with your booking form), so our booking staff can confirm a MIBI examination with one of our Nuclear Medicine Technicians who approve the booking of the examination.  

Further information on MIBI examinations:

The MIBI section of our website is full of useful information on MIBI examinations, to view this in-depth information please click here.