Dr Lois Comber

Dr. Lois Comber completed her medical degree at Monash University and subsequently completed her specialization in radiology at the Canberra Hospital. 

She undertook further specialty training in Molecular Imaging including Nuclear Medicine and Positron Emission Tomography training at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, The Austin Hospital in Melbourne and at the Children's Hospitals in Melbourne and Adelaide, leading to her dual specialization as a radiologist and nuclear medicine specialist. 

Lois has a strong interest in teaching and has worked as a lecturer at Monash and Melbourne Universities, and Australian National University. She has been involved in training radiology registrars, physician and surgical trainees as well as general practitioners in anatomy, radiology and nuclear medicine. 

She has a strong interest in cancer and cardiac imaging with a sub-specialty interest in molecular imaging using SPECT, PET/CT and hybrid imaging. Lois has a background in imaging research having worked at the Wesley Hospital Brisbane and is currently involved in cancer research.