How does Lake Images work?

After attending your appointment at a Lake Imaging clinic, you will receive an SMS text message or email with information that will enable you to activate your private account. If you do not wish to activate your account simply delete this message and nothing more will happen. 

If you choose to activate your account, follow the prompts and download the Lake Images APP from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store to your smartphone or tablet device. Then follow the steps of the account activation process. Once activated, you will be able to securely access your images using the Lake Images Patient APP on your smartphone, or online via our web portal  

The report from the Radiologist, which are the results of your test, will be available to you after 7 days. Your referring Doctor will receive the report first, usually within 2 days of your appointment.  

It is important that you follow the normal procedure of obtaining your results from your Doctor, whether it be by phone or a follow-up appointment with them. They understand your clinical history and are best placed to explain your results and answer your questions.