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About X-Ray

X-rays are the original and most frequently used form of medical imaging. Your doctor or health care provider may refer you for an x-ray if they want to assess the internal structures of your body using non-invasive methods.

X-ray exams are used for numerous reasons, including:

  • Fractures (broken bones)
  • Arthritis
  • Lung conditions
  • Foreign objects/bodies
  • Osteoporosis
  • Back pain
  • Injury
  • Infection

Your appointment and preparation

Lake Imaging offers both a walk-in and appointment service for General X-Rays. Please be aware that at our peak times, walk-in patients may experience a significant wait time. Clinically urgent cases will be given a priority and do not require an appointment. There is no preparation required.

What can I expect during my x-ray?

You will be asked to remove any jewellery or metal objects in the region of the x-ray before the examination and may be asked to change into a gown.

Once the Lake Imaging radiographer has explained what will be involved in your examination, they will ask you to lie, sit or position you so they can obtain the specific images required. When the radiographer takes the image, they will ask you to hold still and sometimes give you specific breathing instructions. Often multiple images are taken, and you will be repositioned for each image.

Most x-ray examinations take 5-10 minutes to complete.

What are the risks and side effects?

You will receive a small dose of x-ray radiation.  X-rays are only performed where it is deemed the benefit of the examination will outweigh any potential risks. At Lake Imaging you can be assured that by using the latest technology and with staff trained in radiation reduction techniques, radiation doses are kept as low as reasonably possible.

If you are or think that you may be pregnant, it is essential that you tell our radiology team before your x-rays.

For further information regarding radiation safety please visit:

Who will perform my x-ray and write the report?

At Lake Imaging your x-ray examination will be carried out by a radiographer (or medical imaging technologist), who has a degree in medical imaging and is accredited by the Australian Institute of Radiography. Our Radiologist (a medical doctor specialising in the interpretation of medical images), will prepare and send a report to your referring doctor detailing the findings of your x-ray examination.

What should I expect after my x-ray?

You can resume normal activity immediately after your x-ray.

How do I obtain my results?

If medically urgent, or you have an appointment immediately after your x-ray to see your referring doctor or health care provider, Lake Imaging will arrange to have your results available immediately. Otherwise, your referring doctor or health care provider will receive your report within 48 hours of your examination.

Please ensure you make a follow-up appointment with your referring doctor or health care provider to discuss your results.