Gallium PSMA

About Gallium PSMA

A new PET molecular imaging technique using prostate-specific membrane antigen (PSMA) has demonstrated excellent sensitivity in detection of low volume metastatic PCa.

PSMA is a cell surface target that is highly expressed by nearly all prostate cancers with enhanced expression levels found in poorly differentiated, aggressive tumours, metastatic and hormone-refractory carcinomas. Due to the high PSMA uptake in PCa cells it is an ideal biological target for PET imaging of PCa, especially for visualising small lymph node, bone and liver metastases. The ability to identify and localise PCa recurrence in patients with elevated serum (PSA) but with no other symptoms after definitive therapy, is the goal of PSMA PET-CT.

Please note that Gallium PSMAs are only offered at our Ballarat - St John of God Hospital location.

Before your procedure

Preparation requirements for this procedure are specific for individuals and any conditions they may have, please contact Lake Imaging St John of God - Ballarat to make your booking and obtain the correct preparation. 

During your procedure

You will be injected with a radioactive material (FDG) in one of your peripheral veins.

You will be asked to relax in one of our specially prepared rooms for 45-60 minutes. During this period you will be asked to avoid frequent muscular activity, speaking and reading. During this period we may or may not perform part of the images depending on the imaging protocol.  Also, we may have ask you to drink a special contrast material, again depending on the protocol of imaging.

After this period is the scanning time which is approximately 30 minutes. You will lie on your back with your arms above your head in a scanner similar to the CT scanner.

Total length of the procedure: Allow 2-3 hours for the whole procedure, this time may vary depending on the production of the radioactive material. Failure of production and passing the quality control may happen. In this case, you be asked to present later in the day or reschedule you appointment.

Radiation Safety precaution: As you will be injected with a radioactive material. We require you to keep away from pregnant women and young children up till the afternoon. No other precautions required.

After your procedure

After finishing the scan you may be asked to wait for some time until one of our specialist doctors reviews the images.

There are no driving restriction, unless you require some sedation. In this case, you need to arrange someone to drive you home.