COVID-19 Information – June 2020 

In the current climate of the COVID-19 pandemic, Lake Imaging is continuing to provide optimal quality diagnostic imaging and patient care to our valued communities.  As a healthcare provider, we are very much committed to quality care, compassion and service.    

In these unprecedented times, Lake Imaging is very much ready to play our part in supporting our patients, doctors and staff (our communities). Our responsibility to service our patients in a safe environment is always our primary focus.   

Lake Imaging would like to reassure all patients entering our waiting rooms for imaging, that we have taken extra and all necessary precautions to protect against COVID-19 infection within clinics.   

Lake Imaging is committed to ensuring our policies and procedures with respect to COVID-19 are in line with the latest government and health organisation regulations and guidelines.   

To access our patient question and answers about COVID-19 please click here. 

The steps Lake Imaging is taking to ensure we provide the best service in the safest environment: 

  1. ALL patients are asked to call to make an appointment for their examination. 

  1. The phone booking process enables us to assess the status of the patient with respect to their COVID-19 suspect status. 

  1. The patient will be booked at the closest Lake Imaging clinic best suited to meet their medical imaging needs in the context of our assessment of their suspect COVID-19 status. 

  1. Lake Imaging does NOT turn away any patients based on their COVID-19 suspect status. 

  1. Patients who are deemed suspect or COVID-19 positive, are triaged to a dedicated booking team who will explain our process and make their appointment. In some cases, a member of our nursing team will contact them or the referring practitioner, if further clarification is required and/or their appointment requires Lake Imaging to implement our COVID-19 suspect/positive patient management process. 

  1. To ensure we continue to deliver quality diagnostic imaging services in a safe and appropriate manner to all our patients, it is IMPERATIVE that all patients and referrers provide the most accurate and up-to-date information about the patient’s medical condition and suspect COVID-19 status. 

  1. As per the MBS guidelines for Medical Imaging referrals during the Coronavirus pandemic, signatures are not required on referrals. Thus, we accept online web referral forms via our website, as well as a writable pdf form that you can download and email. Please click here to access these forms. 

If you require further information, please contact your local Medical Liaison Officer: 

Geelong and Warrnambool - Annette Bongiorno Mobile: 0437 807 275 Email:

Western & Central Melbourne Julie Livingston Mobile: 0413 401 628

Ballarat -  Kate Clifton Mobile: 0411 328 335 Email: